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Solidarity action to support Indigenous Earth Defenders - 23 Jan 2023

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

“We are normal people and our power is little. However, we are United by our friendship and our identity as Indigenous Peoples, and we will work in solidarity for the well-being of this Earth, and for the health and happiness of our communities.”

Komeok Joe: a Penan activist from Sarawak in Borneo.

Indigenous campaigners from Borneo, who are visiting London, are to be joined by UK supporters in a ceremony to collectively mourn the loss of the world’s rainforests. This ritual to symbolise both the grief and gratitude we feel for our Mother Earth, will take place in conversation with Cecilia Vicuña’s ‘Dead Forest Quipu’ - part of her Brain Forest Quipu installation in the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall.

  • ‘The Earth is a brain forest, and the quipu embraces all its interconnections’ Cecilia Vicuña

Komeok Joe, head of Keruan - Voices of the Penans and Celine Lim, manager of SAVE Rivers Network will call out in solidarity to Indigenous Earth activists across the globe, before hand-delivering letters to the UK Government and to King Charles, Leader of the Commonwealth.

Komeok and Celine want to alert the British public to the greenwashing of ‘dirty’ tropical timber. Illegitimately taken from Indigenous homelands, it ends up in UK timber yards and furniture shops, misleadingly certified as ‘sustainable’.

Indigenous communities bravely stand up against loggers and developers every day, to defend the world’s biodiversity, climate and heritage. They need our support in calling on the British Government to halt all imports of goods implicated in the destruction of Earth’s precious, tropical rainforests.

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