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One With The Earth - One With Each Other /SHORT

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The first of CUT's One With the Earth - One With Each Other films capturing our Solidarity ritual ceremony and procession to launch the start of the CUT Campaign. This one is a 50 second 'reel' - perfect for sharing on social media - next Wednesday we will post our 4.5 minute video. We are grateful to Fergus Dingle for making this powerful and beautiful film for us.

You can watch and share the video on YouTube.


  • Indigenous leaders from Borneo join with UK supporters to grieve the destruction of Earth’s rainforests, and to demand an end to the import of ‘dirty’ timber from their native lands.

  • Celine Lim (SAVE Rivers) and Komeok Joe (KERUAN Organisation) bestow a traditional Sarawak-longhouse ‘ash blessing’ on participants, beneath Cecilia Vicuña’s ghostly Brain Forest Quipu installation, at the Tate Modern, before leading a funeral procession through London.

  • As the world’s third largest importer of Malaysian MTCS-certified timber, the UK has the power to stand up for Indigenous land rights and end this #TimberGreenwash now.

  • Find out more at

  • It’s time to #CleanUptheTropicalTimberTrade Support #IndigenousLandRights and #StopTheChop in Sarawak!

  • Film by Fergus Dingle

  • Ritual Ceremony devised by Gaby Solly

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