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JOIN US this weekend for our next Rainforest Defenders Solidarity Action!

SIGN UP for our family-friendly, peaceful, solidarity demonstration. Bring a picnic. Craft activities for kids. There will be an opportunity to take part in a ‘bone branch’ ceremonial ritual:

🗓️ When?

Saturday 9th September, 1-3pm


Meet at the North West corner of Gloucester Green, Regents Park, London NW1.

⁉️ What?

1-2pm: Gather and prepare props for the action - rain-forest masks, bone branches - and our individual solidarity statements*, do a ceremony run-through...

2-3pm: Process to ZSL HQ (5 mins), participative ceremony (15-20 mins), speeches (15 mins max), photographs (15mins)...

*There will be an opportunity to deliver your own short and simple solidarity statement to Earth / Earth protectors / life on Earth as part of the ceremony. EG...

  • Environmental rights are Indigenous rights1

  • Rainforests are the lungs of the world - we must protect them!

  • Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples who are our best land guardians

  • I stand with Sarawak’s brave rainforest activists

  • Save the Orangutans etc...

Why now?

Timber giant Samling Group has issued a multi-million dollar law suit against grass-roots campaign group SAVE Rivers Network in Sarawak, for defending Indigenous land rights. This SLAPP (Strategic Litigation Against Public participation) has its hearing in Malaysia on September 18th.

We want to send a message of solidarity to our rainforest-activist friends in Sarawak, and hopefully get some Malaysian and Bornean press coverage of our UK action before the trial. We are calling on Samling to #StopTheSLAPP along with 160 international groups and thousands of members of the public. You can too HERE!

❌🪵❌🪵 Why at London Zoo?

Samling Group has recently increased its score on ZSL’s (Zoological Society of London) globally-prestigious SPOTT ESG assessment for timber and pulp companies. CUT and our partners are currently in discussion with ZSL about this. (Please note, this is not an anti-ZSL action!)

We will be processing through Regents Park to ZSL HQ for the ceremony, speeches and to have our photos taken with ZSL’s branding in the background. We expect that our actions will make it into the Malaysian press and will include photos of the action in a press release to highlight the gross discrepancies between Samling’s policies on social and environmental responsibility (backed up by ZSL’s SPOTT report) and their on the ground logging activities, and show UK-allyship with courageous rainforest-defenders in Sarawak.

➡️ More info about the event here! Please do sign up if you’re definitely coming so we can keep you updated!

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